Detention & Arrest

The High Commission can provide a variety of consular services to Maldivians detained or arrested in Bangladesh. These services include:

- Assistance with informing the next of kin or family members regarding the arrest

- Visit the detained person 

- Provide information to the detained person regarding the judicial process in Bangladesh

- Assist with seeking legal assistance

- Make regular visits to Maldivians in jail to check on their well-being 

- Pass messages from Maldivians in jail to their families

- Assist with transferring money to the jailed person


Please report the detention or arrest of Maldivians in Bangladesh by calling the High Commission from the below emergency contact numbers. 

Emergency Contact Numbers:

(+88) 01 708140036

(+88) 01 708120318 

(+88) 01 787674898

(+88) 01 787674897