Emergency Assistance

The Bangladesh government has officially launched the 999 emergency helpline.

Police, fire service and ambulance services will be available from any phone (mobile or fixed line) dialing the number.  The service will be monitored and managed by the police force of Bangladesh. The 999 number is completely ‘toll free’ and citizens will not need to pay a fee to use it.

When to call?

·       when someone witnesses a crime

·       When someone fears for his or her life

·       When someone is hurt or injured

·       When someone is in danger

·       When a fire breaks out

·       When someone is in urgent need of an ambulance

Dhaka Police Contact Information for Foreigners

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police Department has recently established special phone numbers and email addresses to specifically assist foreigners in the city of Dhaka. If you or another non-Bangladeshi citizen is the victim of a crime in the city of Dhaka or you need police assistance, please utilize the below contact information. Your first point of contact should be the Help Desk; the number and e-mail contact information is listed below.

Crime Division

Foreigners Emergency Assistance

01700-700700 (works 24/7)


Gulshan Police Station

9880234, 9895826

Deputy Commissioner



Additional DC



Assistant Commissioner



Officer in Charge



Traffic Division

Deputy Commissioner



Additional DC



Assistant Commissioner (Mohakhali)



Assistant Commissioner (Badda)


Assistant Commissioner (Gulshan)


While the email address is diplomathelpdesk@gmail.com, all foreigners may utilize this service.

The Sylhet Metropolitan Police also have a Foreigners Help Desk. The phone number in Sylhet is 01713-374364.

Elsewhere in Bangladesh, you should contact the nearest police station. If you do not have the contact information for the nearest police station, call (88) (02) 999 to reach the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Switchboard, which should be able to provide you the telephone number for your local police station. There is no guarantee that English will be spoken or understood by police officers in Bangladesh, especially outside of major cities.

Emergency services for Maldivians are available at all times. High Commission of Maldives is located at House No. 20, Road No. 4, Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh, and by telephone at (+88) 02 8832199 during regular hours. If you are a Maldivian citizen in need of urgent assistance, then you can contact the High Commission from the below emergency contact numbers. 

Emergency Contact Numbers:

(+88) 01 708140036

(+88) 01 708120318 

(+88) 01 787674898

(+88) 01 787674897

Emergency medical treatment may prove costly even in Bangladesh. Getting travel/medical insurance is advised for those who travel to Bangladesh. 

Maldivian citizens resident or traveling in  Bangladesh, Bhutan or Philippines are urged to register with the High Commission via email admin@maldivesb.org with your full name, ID Card no, Passport No, Address in Bangladesh, Purpose of visit, expected arrival and departure dates.